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Changing Sameness

Published 04.03.2016 by asterinablog



Changing sameness

All’s changed and all’s the same. Again the sky is cloudy. Again this place is crowded. Again those young faces, filled with embarrassment. What do they know about adult life challenges? Nobody taught how, nobody taught when. When, my friend, have we seized to be a part of it? Why, my friend, are we supposed to leave? Still welcoming the gusts of fresh air, still not avoiding the rain, still burning our fingers with an icy mojito…

All’s the same but all’s changed. Never shall the sky be as blue as it was. Never shall the clouds recreate the pattern of that day. Never shall this place be crowded with us; with us and all our friends and the friends of friends. Never shall this place smell of us, be overwhelmed with us, overflow with us. It shall always lack us. Be deprived of us…

All has changed but all is the same. The game was postponed, the plans were cancelled. This place still retains the smell of us. You know? Fresh mint is in the air…

Inevitable- Changing Sameness

Today’s Daily Post’s promt was the word “Inevitable” and the infinite variety of associations it may bring up. For me, inevitable are the changes, the process of growing up and facing your new self. The more you resist it, the most persistent are the changes. So, the only reasonable response is to embrace them and live in harmony!




Published 13.01.2016 by asterinablog


Взирая вниз- на небо- с высоты десяти тысяч километров, я лениво обдумывал, куда меня занесет эта неуклюжая летающая железяка на этот раз.

А жизнь, думалось мне, она- словно заснеженная серо-голубая пустыня меж двумя горными перевалами, над которыми цинично сияет холодное бриллиантовое солнце.

А что, стало быть, Время, если не жидкий и неровный атлантический горизонт, разделяющий настоящее и будущее, словно Старый Свет от Нового? А прошлого в нем не существует, даже если наши органы чувств ощущают его частичку. Это настоящее, безжалостно тающее в каждый момент.

В чем же смысл путешествия? У каждого он свой. У меня, например, благороднейшее (в теории) призвание- старательно продлевать человеческое проживание, проплывание, пролетание или просто прозябание между двумя концами этого пути. Read the rest of this entry →

Midsummer Nocturne

Published 10.01.2016 by asterinablog

“We are all worms, but I do believe I am a glowworm”

Winston Churchill


Dozens of stars overhead… Could we ever dream of seeing them all in the city?!

-It was definitely a brilliant idea to get away from the campus for those two days.

-Yeah, at last we sneaked out of all that noisy vanity. That’s so tiring… Always pretending to be what you’re supposed to be…

-Escape, a sweet escape…

The midsummer breeze put a soft close-mouth kiss on their lips, making them both keep silence, unable to break the whole perfection of this sheer sunset with the profanity of human voices. Twilight darkness made its way quietly towards them, gently covering their eyes with the dusty veil of midsummer dusk.

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