Welcome to my nook!

I’m Asterina, 24 , from Yerevan, Armenia. I’m fond of learning languages, travelling, reading books and writing.

I completed my Masters Degree in Translation Studies at Yerevan State University. Apart from English as a major, I also studied Spanish and Portuguese. During the years at the university and after graduation I have been translating literary works (prose and poetry) of both English- and Spanish-speaking authors. Frequently, the translations were into Armenian. My interests cover not only traslating but creating fiction. That’s why, I’ve started this blog, hoping to share my translations and my own literary attempts with you. My greatest ambition is to achieve a successful balance between translating my favourite fiction and creating my own literary works.


7 comments on “About

  • Looking forward to reading your nominees.
    It a great way to meet other bloggers, as you are looking for blogs to nominate, it is a nice surprise what other blogs are around.
    Just like I found your blog otherwise I most likely would never have come across your interesting posts and delightful blog.

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    • Thank you for encouraging words, kiwinana. It is with great pleasure that I accept the challenge and would be glad to publish my nominee’s list in a few days. And answer your interesting and thought-provoking questions 🙂

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