NY Resolution for the Gemini

Published 01.01.2018 by asterinablog
I was trying to formulate my New Year resolutions. Much efforts, little success. But then I took a fun test at Buzzfeed and the result astonished me. It was so true and typical of me. Keyword is: Determination, Focus on Routine, Ability to Finish Plans, Commitment.
You got: Finish a longterm project

You hate all things routine and monotonous, and need constant change and stimulation in your life. This makes you a fantastic travel partner, but it also means you rarely finish longterm projects you take on. You’re loyal, and give great advice to others, but you have some trouble taking advice yourself. So make 2018 the year you finish that longterm project — finish painting the kitchen, write the final page of your pilot, sign up for that pottery class and make yourself go. It’ll be worth it, even if it feels a little routine.



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