Let Your Inner Dogs Out

Published 18.08.2017 by asterinablog


Why can’t you break your chains free, why can’t you voice your fears,

Why do you always seek approval, keep up to

Expectations set by remote people you have never seen, neither you heard of,

They might as well justify their own fears by putting new ones upon the others.

How many times you wanted to speak out, to blow up, to show up,

Expose yourself and let them see you are strong enough,

But enough is enough, don’t hold them back,

The voice inside, the dogs inside, little cute boys inside,

That’ve been hiding their toys for many years,

Once they’ve been told they’re much of age

To quit funny things and start thinking business.

You do let them go. Unleash them. Your Dogs.

Don’t keep them imprisoned.

Let’em bark out your problems, there’s nothing wrong.

Let’em bark, let everyone hear,

You won’t stand insult, you won’t keep mistreated,

You will bark out the truth be it needed,

But simple is your aim, and it is not to bite-

It is to find a key to everyone’s heart.

Unfurling one’s mind


3 comments on “Let Your Inner Dogs Out

  • Well, barking it out is like letting it loose, i fear that though and i always keep my head down and always have this thought in, “let them say”. But i fear letting my inner dog loose, something else could ensue

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    • I can truly relate to your point. I am also a convinced pacifist and sometimes in order to avoid new conflict I may prefer to “keep my dogs back” 🙂 Well, that’s how it resulted in such a poem:) Sometimes you just need to make yourself heard! Not to bite, just to speak out!

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