Tradition keeps us breathing

Published 25.07.2017 by asterinablog



Once I asked myself:

How shall I linger?

How shall I last through times like this?

If the heart is no longer eager?

What places should I visit?

What people should I see?

And shall I find a safety exit

From the labyrinth of apathy?

What shall I do while I linger?

What weapons should I use in this battle to fight?

What yoga poses would keep my eyes close at night?

What shall I do, if I shall do anything?

And something just whispered inside:

Come on! You know what the answer is,

Do as your ancestors did,

Woke up early, and chased, and ran, and hid

To earn a bread crumb, to feed their kid.

Do as the Romans did,

Always took the lead, thrived to exceed,

The Eternal City is a witness indeed.

Do as all humans do,

Survive in a daily war without any glory

When ending alive is itself a trophy,

So do many people in the streets

But they all like to keep it discreet.

So when you can’t fight any more,

Don’t lose the hope, don’t cut the ropes,

Don’t hide your sword into its sheath

Don’t ask your friends to leave you die,

If you want to live, just take one more breath.


Tradition keeps us breathing


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