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Life imitates art: Biblical Ararat

Published 20.02.2016 by asterinablog

20151011_184255-1.jpgSo many painters have been trying to depict the Biblical mountain! And I am lucky enough to enjoy this breathtaking scenery anytime I want by just looking through the window of my Yerevan apartment ^_^ Anyways, I tried to add some additional effects to see what would happen if it were painted in Impressionist, Water colour and Abstract Styles.

Life imitates art: Biblical Ararat



Gravity: Sunset, beach, a heap of stones

Published 08.02.2016 by asterinablog

I’m not particularly fond of stony beaches… They seem strange and surrealistic to me. Still, Batumi beach, Georgia, has an atmosphere of its own. You can spend hours building towers of stones, watching gravity and the power of water washing them away. And, as a variant, you can grab a pile of them home, as a memory of those precious days! (Special thanks to the photographer who took this incredible pic)

Gravity: Sunset, beach, a heap of stones


Today’s Fave Oh Wonder – Shark

Published 07.02.2016 by asterinablog

Two phantoms
It’s you… It’s me… It’s you and me
In the magic of the night
We are lonely… You and me,
But me is you and there’s no me…

Bitter days have come and passed
There’s no future and no past
Mere phantoms, souls are nude,
Together we embrace the solitude.
Gloomy haze of grief is gone
Nothing new in the sun
At last we warm up in the moonlight
That glitters bright through the night…

It’s you… It’s me… It’s you and me
In the magic of the night
We are lonely… You and me,
But ME is YOU and there’s no me…

Time Spiral

Published 06.02.2016 by asterinablog


Time Spiral

It goes around and around and around,

Takes you here and there, all round,

Takes you up to the moon, and back to the ground,

New places, then back again to background,

Then you look back to see what you found,

But once in a fury you burn every tie and bound,

You try to flee, but it’s faster than hound,

Oh, my, what hound? The speed of the sound…

But once you stop it fools you round,

It seems a lake, but it’s too profound,

Wanna dive in? And what if you drowned,

It only knows if you be hanged up or crowned!

Till death do us part

I’ll be by your side

My life and my time

Eternally intertwined!