My desperate landlady)

Published 13.01.2016 by asterinablog

I stretched myself, slacking in the sunshine,

After the lunch, lacking of energy again,

Strongly motivated to do absolutely nothing

What a beautiful day to stay and lay in!


Contemplating the perfectness of the universe,

Meditating upon the vanity of existence,

Crazy people make so much noise on the street

Bothering my soft afternoon sleep.

I wished she were back to squeeze me,

Hold me tight, pet me right, say she loves me and needs me,

Then, of course, she feeds me.

But things didn’t go like this,

Today she ended up at home all in tears.

Why on Earth should you waste the precious liquid,

My sweet lady, come join me, just sleep over it,

Get fed up with milk – not their ignorance,

Are they insane, can’t they see your brilliance.


Her wet pearl eyes turned sunny,

She found my lovely purring funny,

I felt that it took away her anger;

But, lady, it’s just me being extremely hungry.


2 comments on “My desperate landlady)

    • That’s nice of you!!! I also feed the kittens on the way to my workplace, they are adorable. You can only guess what’s on their mind :)) But once I feel down, they are always there for me)


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