NY Resolution for the Gemini

Published 01.01.2018 by asterinablog
I was trying to formulate my New Year resolutions. Much efforts, little success. But then I took a fun test at Buzzfeed and the result astonished me. It was so true and typical of me. Keyword is: Determination, Focus on Routine, Ability to Finish Plans, Commitment.
You got: Finish a longterm project

You hate all things routine and monotonous, and need constant change and stimulation in your life. This makes you a fantastic travel partner, but it also means you rarely finish longterm projects you take on. You’re loyal, and give great advice to others, but you have some trouble taking advice yourself. So make 2018 the year you finish that longterm project — finish painting the kitchen, write the final page of your pilot, sign up for that pottery class and make yourself go. It’ll be worth it, even if it feels a little routine.


Sun&Moon: Lovers or Siblings?

Published 15.12.2017 by asterinablog

sun moon.jpg



The Sun and The Moon were the children of God: the Sun was the Sister and the Moon was the Brother. As the Earth had be to keep guard of day and night, they had to decide which of them should keep guard at night. The choice fell on the Sister, the Sun. But it provoked an argument between the siblings, and their shoutings attracted their father’s attention. Learning the point of the argument, the Father made his Son show up at night and told the Daughter to show up during the day. The Sun objected to her Father’s decision, saying that she is a girl and doesn’t want people gazing at her. As a solution, the Father gave her sharp needle and told her to cast them at those who would dare watch her.


The Sun and The Moon were lovers: the Sun was the Female and the Moon was the Male. When they meet each other, the Moon goes mad, that’s why the Sun tries to avoid him by rushing away from the Moon and not letting him catch her. However, there are some days in the year when the Moon manages to catch the Sun on his bloody hook and drag closer. That’s when an eclipse takes place. Read the rest of this entry →

Tu es jolie

Published 11.12.2017 by asterinablog

1669718_666918653361094_1655770202_o.jpg“Tu es jolie”

He said to me in a language I don’t speak,

But the one that speaks to my heart.


“Tu es jolie”

He said to me and filled my heart with joy 

A jolly stroke shaped a smile on my face.


“Tu es très jolie… aujourd’hui”

He said so and awakened my frozen feelings,

Made my winter soul bloom in a waltz of spring.


“Tu es jolie… aujourd’hui”

He said to me, he kissed my forehead,

And took a photo of me, sick in bed! 




Week 1 Challenge: Rusted Relics in Ruins

Published 11.12.2017 by asterinablog

Here’s the very first lesson of How Writers Write Fiction MOOC that inspired me to create this post in response to the first writing assignment.

The main idea of the lesson was to how to create a fiction character from the very beginning. The lecturers, Edward Carey, Bernice Chauly and Douglas Trevor mostly introduced the techniques of building a wholistic, multi-facetic and believable character by sketching all the aspects of fictional character, such as appearance, environment, epoche etc. and trying to avoid most common character flaws.

The first week assignment was to create the beginning of a character (recommended word limit: 500 words), following a couple of parameters:

1) What is one of his/her great fears?

2) What is one of his/her deep desires?

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Taking up a New Writing Challenge

Published 06.12.2017 by asterinablog

A year or so ago I ran into a nice and useful creative writing MOOC, entitled “How Writers Write Fiction” by the International Writing Program of Univesity of Iowa.

The lecturers were very motivating and the content provided was very useful, and, what is more, they provided the learners with special writing assignments for every week. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to manage them so far, as I was short of time all the way.

But now I decided to challenge myself to handle the assignments and share some points from the lectures that impressed me the most.